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Effortlessly but carefully organized educational data

Easy as 1-2-3

Adservio offers you unlimited storage, easy-to-use functionality and access to files from virtually any internet connection. You can rapidly create pupil groups, assign and check homework, schedule examinations and assessments, trace learning progress, and more. By centralizing all important information on a single platform, and by eliminating the huge amount of paperwork, Adservio is helping you find the time for what really matters – new, engaging and innovative teaching methods that benefit educators and pupils, alike.
    Educators can now safely and easily connect and collaborate with pupils, parents, and with each other. Because we all know that effective communication is the answer to all problems that may arise in the educational path.
    Help pupils be more involved and communicate more easily. As an educator, you are able to post discussion topics, and to review and evaluate your pupils’ homework simply by using your Adservio account. And all this encourages communication and interaction in education.
    We built Adservio with the priceless help of over 100,000 teachers, pupils and parents. Each feature we have developed is based on the feedback we get from our users.
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    You have the opportunity of personalizing the way you use Adservio: assign grades and return assignments and homework, communicate with parents, pupils and other educators, and closely monitor the learning progress of all your pupils.

Adservio is 100% secure

We designed Adservio so that our users gain access to all school related information through a user-friendly and secure online platform.

We’re bearing you in mind

This educational management platform helps you effortlessly organize all activities and get the results that you want most. Adservio is more than a digital catalog – we’re offering you access to the entire school related information from virtually any internet connection, whether you’re using a desktop, a laptop or you’re going mobile. You are now able to access complex data regardless of your location, so you wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on precious information when going abroad.

Are you an educator, headmaster or school secretary? Here’s how we can help you:

Adservio offers you immediate access to all the information you need without having to dig through endless reports, catalogs and files. By simply accessing your account, you are able to view activity reports of all educators in your school, to view electronic catalogs, generate reports for the Inspectorate and the Ministry of Education and Research and offers you updated information about any past or ongoing activity in your school. In other words, headmasters have access to all information from absolutely anywhere they might be.
The headmasters that have chosen Adservio are proud to say that absenteeism rate has decreased by 60% and in some cases the class average increased by 1 point.

Pupil Benefits

All the information you need is only a click away. Keep in touch with your school mates and create your own private group, work with your friends on homework assignments and projects, or upload and share your favourite photos with your friends. You can monitor your learning progress –grades, truancies, and even the probability of upcoming evaluations.

And there’s more:

  • Learn more about your personality, explore the academic world and discover the career opportunities that best suit you.
  • Send your homework and projects directly to your teachers and forget about the troublesome memory sticks or CDs.
  • Know your grades without having to wait for the next class.
  • You have access to a library of over 200 titles.
  • Create your working groups and keep track of extracurricular.

Curiosity leads to progress. Want to learn more?

Parent Benefits

Parents have unlimited access to their child’s educational progress. You can see grades ranking, monitor daily evolution and be instantly informed on all school related issues, by keeping constant contact with all educators, school personnel, even with the school headmaster.
    Monitor grades and truancies, including attendance waivers.
    You have access to statistics and rankings, education news and information and easily find information and tips that can help you as a parent.
    You can directly and individually communicate with any educator in the school through a 100% secure online environment.
    Keep in touch with other parents, exchange opinions and information.

Educator Benefits

We might not be able to give you a raise, but we’ll definitely make your job a lot easier.

Adservio helps educators get rid of the burden of elaborating reports. It automatically analyzes data and generates all necessary reports.

By using Adservio you can rapidly enter grades and absences, have unlimited access to your personal schedule and more:

  • Because we haven’t met a single educator that actually enjoys paperwork, Adservio decided to help educators by automatically generating class performance statistics and eliminating the huge amount of time required by semestrial and annual reports. The real perk is that educators gain precious time, which allows them to focus on what’s really important – new engaging and interactive teaching methods.
  • By using Adservio you no longer need to calculate semestrial or annual averages, nor count grades or calculate truancy rates.
  • You can keep in touch with parents and pupils, and send them educational materials and useful information.

Learn more about educator benefits.

See how can Adservio help the Territorial Educational Authorities and the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education has instant access to constantly updated data.
    Automatically generate necessary reports by accessing the data bases of each educational institution and territorial authority.
    Easy access to reports and to individual, specific and/or general statistics.
    Instant access to updated information – scholarships, special situations, religion and age statistics.
    Communicate directly with inspectors, headmasters, school administrative personnel, and educators by simply using the Adservio integrated messaging app.

Investing in the Romanian education:

  • Over 100 educational institutions used Adservio, see all list:
  • Dozens of thousands of pupils now have the chance for a better future.
  • Over 10 servers and other logistic equipment are now used by the Adservio schools.
  • 4000 educators have benefited from individual training.
  • Over 5000 high-end tablets and laptops are currently used in the Adservio schools.
  • Over 50 educational institutions now have access to the 4G internet.

Partnerships and accreditations

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