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Equip your child for the brightest future
Start with gaining access to all educational information
Parent Benefits
  • Real Time Updated School Transcripts
    We’re offering you access to grades and truancies, and that’s not all of it – you can also see sick notes and who issued them.
  • Progress Graphs
    Monitor learning progress, identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Secure Information
    We guarantee the security of all data, either school transcripts or messages received from/send to educators and/or other parents
  • Integrated Messaging App
    Communicate with educators and share tips with other parents
  • Share Files
    Share files with educators and other parents directly from your Adservio account
  • Library
    Our library holds over 200 titles, fiction, and many more. You can download free e-books
  • News and Information
    that will definitely help you as a parent
  • SMS Notifications
    Receive SMS notifications regarding daily learning progress
  • Extracurricular
    You can easily and transparently manage your activities
  • User manual
    It helps you understand the functionality of the platform for maximum benefits

Over 80 000 parents are daily using our platform.
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The ADSERVIO online catalog offers us the opportunity to be constantly informed on our son’s learning progress.

We now have access to information and news regarding the educational system. We’re very pleased with ADSERVIO and we’ll continue to use it and help our child become a great grown-up.
I had the opportunity of collaborating with Adservio on a very important event that meant a lot to me.

I was very pleased with how their team conducted all activities, meeting all deadlines and finishing all agreed tasks. Adservio is a team of great and beautiful young people, enthusiastic, empathic, and willing to cheer you up with a hot chocolate before a meeting on a rainy day.
Initially I thought that Adservio was an online tool used to strictly monitor pupils, affecting our degree of freedom. But after I had the chance to talk with the founding partners, I realized that Adservio has tremendously contributed to the modernization of the Romanian educational system by developing a safe, paperwork free environment.

I completely support Adservio in all their endeavors
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