Pentru o experiență cât mai plăcută în sistemul Adservio vă recomandăm actualizarea browser-ului sau folosirea unui alt browser modern: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • IQ and personality tests
    The road to perfection begins with self-knowledge. We’ve created lots of fun IQ and personality tests that will help you learn more about yourself. Moreover, these tests will help you with what might be your most important decision – learning what university program suits you best.
  • Over 200 titles in our online library
    Our library holds over 200 titles, fiction, and many more. You can download free e-books.
  • Email your homework and assignments directly to your teacher
    Send your homework and projects directly to your teachers and forget about the troublesome memory sticks or CDs. Work together with your classmates on your projects: share documents with them, see their updates and latest uploaded versions of the shared document. Get feedback from your educators, correct and upload amended homework, and in the end see your grade directly in your Adservio account.
  • The evolution of your grades
    Monitor your grades evolution all school year round. Adservio calculates your grades average on a weekly basis, allowing you to easily monitor your learning progress.
  • Classroom and school photo album
    Share your photos with all colleagues in school or choose who gets to see your uploaded photos: your classmates, schoolmates or year-mates. In addition, the Adservio photo albums are mobile optimized, so you can see your favourite photos on your phone or tablet.
  • Assessment probability
    We developed an intelligent algorithm that calculates the probability of you being assessed in class, based on your grades, truancy rate or the grades of your colleagues.
  • Your own personal yearbook
    Upload your best photo and we will store it in your own personal yearbook and share it with your classmates and educators. Choose from our yearbook templates, and download your PDF yearbook.
  • Extracurricular
    With the Extracurricular section, all users can have a clear image of extracurricular activities, with details related to the time and place of the next meetings, the status of taxes, and the presence of group members in activity, messaging and chat.
What does your free Adservio account offer you?

All pupils of an Adservio school benefit from a free Adservio account.
beneficiază de un cont gratuit.

To see if you qualify for a free account, check the list of Adservio schools and contact us for more details.

Your Adservio free account offers you access to:

  • IQ tests
  • Integrated messaging app
  • Library
  • Homework and assignments
  • Classroom and school photo album
  • Your own personal yearbook
  • File sharing
Subscription plan benefits

The pupils that are using an Adservio subscription plan have access to all the features provided by the free account, plus a series of extra features that help them improve their performance at school significantly.

All the features provided by the free account +

  • Grades and truancies
  • Weekly schedule
  • Classmates ranking
  • Learning progress
  • Assessment probability
Adservio Benefits
Adservio guarantees lots of direct and indirect benefits:
  • You have access to information anytime, anywhere: see grades, truancies, sick notes, comments, etc.
  • You are constantly informed on all ongoing school activities
  • You get feedback from your educators and classmates easily
  • You access books and other bibliographic materials directly from your account
  • You are part of a modern educational system
  • Your school benefits from next gen IT equipment
  • Each classroom is connected to the internet
  • Stay up to date with technological trends and progress
  • You have access to perfectly organized school related data
  • You’re constantly connected with your classmates, educators, school management and administrative personnel.