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How can we help your school?

Adservio offers you immediate access to all the information you need without having to dig through endless reports, catalogs and files. By simply accessing your account, you can view activity reports of all educators in your school, access electronic catalogs, you can easily generate reports for the County Board of Education and the Ministry of Education and Research. You also have access to updated information about any past or ongoing activity in your school. In other words, headmasters have access to all information from absolutely anywhere they might be.
The headmasters that have chosen Adservio are proud to say that absenteeism rate has decreased by 60% and in some cases the class average has increased by 1 point.

Headmasters and administrative personnel

With Adservio, you are one click away from:

  • Updated information regarding every ongoing activity in your school
  • The transcripts and reports required by the Ministry of Education
  • Activity reports of all educators in your school
  • Statistical data (general, specific, and individual)
  • Statistical data regarding the activity of each educator in your school (grades, evaluations, assessments)
  • Statistical data regarding the pupils in your school (scholarships, valedictorians, etc.)
  • Electronic catalogs
  • The option to quickly transfer students
  • All classes schedule
  • Centralized information regarding all the grades per classes in your school
  • The general classification of students,
  • Detailed information about each pupil in your school,
  • Sending emails to parents, pupils and educators in your school

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Adservio Subscription Plans

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Educators and Headmasters

Adservio - your daily personal assistant:

  • Automatically generate and send the reports required by school management
  • Rapidly assign grades
  • Automatically motivate absences
  • View pupils with poor or insufficient grades; expelling cases
  • Automatically generate class performance statistics
  • Automatically generate rankings according to grades or truancy rates
  • Automatically send warnings to parents in case of high truancy rates
  • Direct communication with all parents, pupils and educators in your school
  • The possibility of grading all pupils at once
  • Automatically calculate semestrial and annual grades
  • Closely monitor curricular and extracurricular activities
  • Daily schedule

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County Board of Education and Ministry of Education Benefits

Adservio guarantees short, medium and long term benefits:

  • Direct access to all necessary information by accessing each school’s database
  • Direct communication with school headmasters, administrative personnel and educators
  • Access to automatically generated general and/or individual reports and statistical data
  • Instant access to updated statistical information

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